Thursday, 22 October 2009

The Promise

I'll be the rock beneath your house,
The pedestal on which you stand;
I'll lead you from the desert bleak
Into a fertile, greener land.
The shadows cannot touch you now.
Don't be a martyr to your fear
When - even if you cannot see -
I will be there to guide you, dear.

International Flavour

I'm something of a traveller
(Though I don't like to boast),
And I've heard accents in far more
Variety than most.
The French guffaw, the US twang,
The English cockney slur;
I've heard the world so far and fast
That it's become a blur.
But sadly, in my line of work,
We don't get so much choice,
Since when we start to get stuck in
They all scream in one voice.

I Want To Eat Your Brain

I want to give you lilies white
And roses glowing red,
And see the joy infuse your face
As I unzip your head.

I want to hold you close to me
Beneath the summer sun,
And feel its warmth as I relieve
You of your cerebrum.

I want to warm you with my arms
And kiss you in the rain;
I'll brave the winter storms with you
And then I'll eat your brain.


Steal away with me, fly from your grimy old bed;
Let my arm lift to steady your hesitant head.
Of all of your cousins prostrate in my sight,
Yours is the hand I have grasped for tonight.

You're quiet, demure as we pass through the street.
You lean on my arm as you shuffle your feet.
Then, down by the river, the moment just right,
I kiss your lips, cold with the dead of the night.

Our passion completed, I finally rise,
And lift you up gently, my delicate prize;
Sneak you to your home as the sky becomes light;
Retire to my bed to await the next night.


Out on your arm,
An accessory.
Broaden your smile:
I will polish it.
Quicken your step:
I'll put bounce in it.
Try me out. I will serve

Worn on your finger;
Content to be.
Show me off, use me
To make you gleam.
That's what I'm here for,
Why I exist:
Shine for you, dangling
From your wrist.


Roses have a finite life:
They’ll wither at a glance.
Bluebirds, too, will flit away
If given half a chance.
The world, so used to suns that set,
May look on ours askance;
But take my hand, and through the dew
Eternally we’ll dance.

A Lover's Inventory

Cotton wool to wrap you in,
A precious thing, in case it breaks—

A key to lock away the world,
To make up for my past mistakes—

An ear to which you will not lie,
Not compromise your perfect self—

A heart to overcome you well,
For you unlocked its joyful wealth.

Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Sycophantic Repetition

Sycophantic repetition -
repetition - repetition -
Everything you say is stale with
sycophantic repetition -
unambition -
de-ignition -
you don't try to break tradition!
Both eyes full of all your shit,
you missed your chance to make contrition.

Here's what I think: you're asleep.
Shouldn't be a mental leap
to see that we are not your sheep.

Now that we show signs of thinking!,
you are left amazed and blinking.
Lifeboats gone, the rats are fleeing.
They can tell your ship is sinking.

If you want to hate me, fine.
Just know that you crossed the line
when you injured friends of mine.

Just a Phase

‘Just a phase’. But I take issue
With this phrase. I’ll tell you why:
If a craze can last for this long,
All this praise be heaped upon her –
(Does it phase you? Won’t you tell me?) –
If she stays within my thoughts and
Builds a maze of grand emotion –
I’m amazed you dare to call it
‘Just a phase’, and I will miss you.

But Do You?

Do you think I don’t know that machines need maintaining?


Who balanced the spring, rediscovered the wheel?


Are a beautiful piece, to align, to keep perfect, you see?


Are a whole. If you grind to a halt, so do I - I’m afraid.

The Moth

Sometime in the future, we
Might sit together, out till late
And see the ghostly moth of grey
Lent substance by the lamp, its mate.

Then, when we find the air too chill,
We'll seek a cosy room, where we
Might act the night-dance out again:
I'll flutter, and you'll brighten me.

Queens in Monochrome

A girl’s in the street
and her hair’s in her eyes
and she’s throwing her stones at the lights.
She’s stupid and blind and she stands in the flames
and she laughs in the wintery nights.

She falls to the floor with a china-doll smile;
she’s turning her back on her fathers and all;
it’s fine, since their backs have been turned for a while.
She’s ever so clever, and ever so small.

Her left and her right are the bridges she’s burned;
Her road has no future to fear;
behind, good intentions are patchworks of glass
and above, pearly gates disappear.

She sees a way out. It’s been taken before
by the near and the dear and the damned.
But she’s lucky enough to knock twice on your door.
You offer your beautiful hand –

The girl is now dead. There’s no body to see
But a chrysalis – you showed her wings and she’s free
And the sniveling thing that you caught became me.

Beautiful Words

I'm trying to fix some beautiful words on a string
(Chains are never for freedom);
Round your neck they will hang like a medal.

I'm trying to turn 'sweet sentiments' into a new and a fresh and a worth enough thing not to clash.
I'm seeing them all through a thousand bright lenses but still I can't get them quite right.
I need your better perspective.

It's practice:

I want to put beautiful words on a band and see it on your finger.
(They'll be picked out in topaz, sapphire, moissanite;
In dazzling colours like yours.)